• Adjustment of plastic windows fittings

    We recently put plastic windows in the whole apartment. Recently, problems started - I can’t open them for a long time, I am constantly stuck with something. Advise where to turn in Odessa in order to adjust the fittings of the windows or you can do it yourself.
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    Answered on January 7 22:55
    Probably you can adjust the accessories yourself, but I have absolutely no time for this. If you still have contacts of the company that installed the windows for you, you can try to contact them.
    Answered on January 7 22:58
    I did not dare for a long time, but nevertheless I tried to adjust the fittings for the windows myself. It turned out not quite difficult, it took a minimal set of tools and a little ingenuity.
    Answered on January 7, 23:03
    As it is not sad to admit, but everything for which I undertake to repair, even more breaks. And so I am used to contacting specialists in such situations. You can contact this company regarding the adjustment of plastic window fittings. Contact them, ask your questions.

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