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    Please urgently need)))
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    Mr arrogance
    Mr arrogance
    Answered on March 22, 2015 11:01
    Well, Adel ... I do not want to do my homework for you)) I can only throw a couple of ideas. - in the introduction you say: The culture of a people is part of its history. Even ancient people had their own culture. Like a living thing, culture developed along with man, being an integral part of his life, blah blah blah. In the Renaissance, culture flourishes (describe briefly). And what now? Can we say that we have multiplied the culture bequeathed to us by our ancestors? - you list what is included in the concept of modern culture, what has been developed, and what has appeared new. - you can separately tell about the language (how the culture has changed in connection with the introduction of computer technology) - it is possible to speculate that people began to read less, etc. - at the end, make a conclusion to what the culture is headed - is there any hope that humanity will become better than it was, or will we all degrade))
    Answered 23 march 2015 15:05
    In the search, enter "modern culture", click on Enter, follow the links, read and write based on what you read + express your opinion.

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