• A great four-wheeled electric bike that looks like a little car.

    Michael Kelman from Sweden used to go to work under the supervision of embarrassed and surprised passers-by. Not many have ever seen such a small car like his. Kelman created the device on which he drives, absolutely independently, having spent on the original vehicle very little money, and long hours of work. He hopes that the hybrid of a bicycle and an electric car, to which he gave the name "PopRider" will soon become popular around the world.

    This is what Michael’s car looks like. She even has a peculiar body, albeit a very small one.

    If you need to transport some things, the device can be supplemented with a small trailer.

    The vehicle is designed to fit the height of ordinary cars. So drivers are on the same level and do not lose sight of an electric car.

    But the main feature of the mini-car is that it is actually an electric bike! Under the hood there is no gasoline engine, and the device, with all the convenience, is absolutely eco-friendly!

    Instead of the usual internal combustion engine, a 250-watt electric motor and a battery, the charge of which is enough for 64 kilometers of driving. The size and technical characteristics of the unit allow Mikael to travel along the road, pedestrian and bicycle paths.

    The PopRider engine allows you to easily overcome hills and elevations, which would be a serious problem for a conventional bike.

    Control is carried out using levers located on the sides of the seat. Everything is very ergonomic.

    Comfortable seats with high-quality filler provide comfort when driving on gravel and uneven road.

    Much attention is paid to the safety of the trip. The vehicle accelerates to 24 km per hour. Equipped with windshield wipers, headlights and autonomous cabin heating.

    This little machine can be a big breakthrough in the field of individual transport. If you do not have a parking space, you can put it in the storage room, just like a regular bicycle.Mikael has been using PopRajder for a year and is absolutely happy!

    On the video you can watch PopRayder in action:

    Today there is only one experimental model of this unit. But Mikael hopes that investors will notice the idea and support it. After all, if many people switch to such devices, leaving their usual cars at home, it will bring significant benefits to nature. Good luck, Michael!

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