• A gift for a woman for the New Year

    New Year is always associated with a long-awaited miracle, which is usually accompanied by unusual surprises. Thinking about an original gift for your girlfriend, wife or mother? Give them the precious treasure of your heart - an elite French perfume from the world famous brand. You can get acquainted with a wide range of luxury perfumes on the site of the Oh de Parfume store. As a New Year's gift, you can choose one of the most popular fragrances to date, like Guerlain Idylle, Dupont Essence pour femme or the fragrance of Trussardi Donna 2011. We'll get to know them better.

    Guerlain Idylle - aroma of love bliss

    Guerlain IdylleLove is a bright and multifaceted feeling. Promoting the idea of ​​all-conquering love, the perfume house of Guerlain created a heady aroma of love bliss Guerlain Idylle. The creators placed it in a transparent, like a crystal, bottle that resembles a tear shape that resembles innocent and fragile love.

    The Guerlain Idylle scent is based on the floral idyll of peony, Bulgarian rose, lilac and lily of the valley.Complementing the composition is a tempting chord of patchouli and white musk. Guerlain Idylle perfume, appearing on the shelves of the world's leading perfume stores, quickly won the hearts of lovely ladies. Appreciate the charm of Guerlain Idylle's intoxicating aroma! See more on the link.

    Dupont Essence pour femme - a unique paradise bliss

    Dupont Essence pour femmeParadise is the highest measure of bliss. Are you dreaming to touch this mysterious secret? The aroma of Dupont Essence pour femme was designed specifically for those who appreciate infinite freshness and lightness. The perfume appeared on the shelves of elite perfumery stores back in 2003 and instantly fell in love with the quivering connoisseurs of the beautiful.

    The aroma is based on the spicy scent of gardenia, a combination of oak moss, an exciting magnolia and a wild rose. Perfume Dupont Essence pour femme - is an endless idyll of purity, freshness and love lust.

    See more on the link.

    Trussardi Donna 2011 Aroma - Endless Passion Activator

    Trussardi Donna 2011It's no secret that sometimes passion can fade away, so you should always warm it up. Trussardi perfume house was created in 2011, a fantastic activator of passion,which attracts, stirs and refreshes the senses. It is created for playful carefree ladies who are confident in their sexuality.

    At the heart of the fragrance is a lush mix of fragrant cedar and oriental flowers, which, combined with each other, revive the atmosphere of passion, wrapped in freshness and purity. The fragrance of Trussardi Donna 2011 is universal - it is not necessary to choose a certain style of clothing for it. It is suitable for both a business lady in a strict suit, and for a romantic beauty dressed in a pink flowing satin dress.

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