• A flower-covered carpet with a crochet

    Invented by the designer Natalia Pepe (Italy), it looks like a real flowerbed - only of multicolored wool and felt. And each flower is tied by hand! Perhaps that is why it is so nice to sit on the carpet or lie with a book and a cup of hot tea, especially in late autumn and winter, when we all are sorely lacking bright colors.

    Large carpet of flowers from Natalia Pepe in the interior

    If you like this carpet, then look at how it can be crocheted. Each flower is knitted separately, then the base is sewn onto a strong fabric.

    Flower pattern

    Tie a chain of 26 loops. First row - single crochets

    To knit two air loops for lifting, in the second loop you need to do st bn + 2 ce

    Third row: In the first loop of the previous row, knit 5 crochets

    Also knit 5 crochets into the next loop

    Knit so the whole series

    Twist knitted in a spiral with a needle, forming a rosette

    When all the roses are ready, they must be sewn to the base.

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