• A few rules for healthy eating

    The method of healthy eating should follow simple rules so that the menu includes both fruits and vegetables for each meal.

    Choose products that prolong life

    The word diet comes from the Greek word for "lifestyle". But most people equate diet with deprivation. They are sure that they must refuse themselves. When following the principles of a healthy diet, do not constantly think about rejected or prohibited foods. It is necessary to think about products that prolong life and transfer health to the body and brain.

    Know the benefits of food eaten

    You need to know and understand the impact of certain products on the body. For example, be aware that walnuts feed the human brain with vitamin B12, which is helpful in preventing Alzheimer's disease. Or the fact that the cabbage is one of the vegetables with a large number of useful substances improves eyesight and can prevent the development of cancerous tumors.Or that 2 tablespoons of coconut oil can help get rid of belly fat.

    You need to start cooking at home.

    Cooking at home is very important in a healthy lifestyle. When the habit of buying ready-made food was developed, you never fully know its composition. If one change is made in the lifestyle, then everything must be done to start eating natural, self-prepared food. Of course, it's true that everyone is busy, but you can try to cook a few dishes and freeze them, and then heat them up at the right time. We must forget about diets low in fat or sugar, as well as fast food, which has a lot of sugar and supplements that are completely superfluous in the diet. Regardless of how attractive the dish will look like, because restaurants use all sorts of tricks to make food healthy and attractive, you need to remember that excess fat and sugar have a bad effect on a person.

    Move as much as possible

    Movement is essential for good health and graceful long aging. It is necessary to exercise and lose weight.It is required to keep a balance between weight, nutrition and exercise.

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