• A collage of photos as a birthday present

    I want for my sister's birthday to make a collage of our photos. In addition to the main gift. But not yet decided how best to arrange it. What will you tell? What ideas are there?
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    Olga Lapteva
    ������������Olga Lapteva
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    My husband cut a small plank. And I applied our photos to her according to this pattern. There are many videos on the Internet, how to transfer photos from paper to tree. Look, it is not difficult.
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    Olga Tulupova
    ������������Olga Tulupova
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    I would buy a large frame. Paper and all sorts of stuff for scrapbooking. And I would start putting up a photo. Without planning anything beforehand, just create. I'm doing so best of all)
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    Elena Alferova
    ������������Elena Alferova
    ������������Answered May 15 13:22
    Now sold a special frame, called multi-frames. They are intended for several photos at once. Here you can see what it is and how it looks. This option is more convenient, because your sister will eventually be able to replace the annoying photos with new ones and rejoice at your gift again.

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