• 9 habits of people who have perfect cleanliness at home

    This article is dedicated to all those who blush in case of unexpected invasions of guests or frantically refuse if a friend asks to drop by to drink water. Because the reason for such reactions is not inhospitable at all, but simply a mess. Yes, let's call a spade a spade!

    Just imagine how wonderful it is to live in a cozy, bright, uncluttered house. If your house is of such a level, then you will spend a maximum of 15 minutes on a light “fly” before even not very invited guests arrive. Think of a good Soviet proverb - “It’s clean not where it’s cleaned, but where it’s clean!”

    1. Make the bed

    In the morning the most important thing is to get you to bed. Many psychologists seriously believe that it is a neat bed that gives the brain a signal about the beginning of the working day. And at the same time and organizes the entire space of the bedroom / living room.So do not be lazy and as soon as you get out of bed, fold all the linens, carefully arrange the pillows and enjoy the effect!

    2. Empty sink in the morning

    Many are painfully familiar. You get up in the morning, and there - a full sink of dirty dishes. And there is no joy in having breakfast. And cook something too. Take the rule to wash all the dishes from the evening, so that in the morning you will be greeted by a clean and dry shell. You will feel the difference very quickly.

    3. Washing and ironing

    Two whales order in the house. There is no need to talk about any orderly pattern of life, when there is a total overload in the laundry basket, as well as in a stack with dried out. Here is a little tip: if you do not like ironing - do not sit down for it just like that. Include your favorite movie and combine business with pleasure. And do the washing with a certain regularity - 2 times a week.

    4. Every little thing - your place

    In this regard, IKEA is a good example. They very clearly understand that the number of storage spaces is closely related to the order. And the more all sorts of baskets, boxes and drawers, the more order in the house.

    5. Do not delay

    Do you know such a scary word - procrastination? This is a tendency to permanently postpone even important and urgent matters, leading to life problems and painful psychological effects.Naturally, you know her, otherwise the problem of the house would not be so acute. Cut the Gordian knot without thinking, and life will become easier.

    6. fold clothes

    Yes, after work, the last thing I want to do is to meticulously hang dresses or trousers on a trempel. But this is vital, believe me. Then at times it is harder to collect the same things in the corners, iron and lay out in places.

    7. Wash immediately

    For many, it is a secret that if you wash the dishes and cooker in parallel with cooking, then you will not have to clean the kitchen until midnight. Or wipe the mirror window after you looked at it and saw the spots. Do not do the ritual from cleaning, this is superfluous.

    8. Do not go to bed until the kitchen is dirty

    Golden Rule. Kitchen - this is a place that is designed to heat and feed us. Here we are more than anywhere gaining strength. And it's not surprising that when we come to the dirty kitchen in the morning, we feel broken. Yes, and smells, and stains, and dirt easier to clean up the next day. This is 100%!

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