• 7 rules of healthy veganism

    If you decide to become a vegan, or are already a vegan, you should learn the rules, compliance with which will allow you to maintain health and at the same time adhere to basic principles.

    So, seven rules of healthy veganism for a person:

    1. Replace animal protein. The largest amount is in meat, but if you refuse it, replenish stocks with plant sources. Proteins are rich in legumes, pumpkin seeds, cumin and flax, nuts, mushrooms, quinoa, tofu, as well as green vegetables, for example, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus. Such products should be present in the diet every day, because without protein, the body can not function properly and build new cells.
    2. Do not refuse milk, just replace it with nut. So you can be happy to drink coffee, cook porridge, add the product to different dishes. The taste is pleasant, the nutritional value is high, and protein will also be present in the composition. To make a drink, you need to pour any of your favorite nuts (for example, peanuts, almonds or cashews) with warm water and leave overnight so that they can be softened.Then take four parts of warm water and chop it together with nuts in a blender, turning it into a homogeneous liquid. To improve the taste, add maple syrup, vanilla, agave. Instead of the nut component, milk, rice, oatmeal or soy can be taken as the basis for milk.
    3. Replace the oil with similar pastes from herbal products. For example, a pleasant taste and texture is mashed, obtained from ripe avocado. You can also use nut paste or butter, tahini, hummus, crushed seeds. All this is perfectly spread on toast or bread, gives a feeling of satiety and has a pleasant taste.
    4. You can bake without eggs. Yes, such a component is present in many recipes, but it is quite possible to do without it, it practically does not affect the taste and texture of the finished baking, and you will not deviate from the principles of veganism. You can replace one egg in several ways. The first is half a banana. The second is chia or flax seeds: chop a tablespoon in a blender, pour three tablespoons of warm water and send the mixture to the fridge for an hour. Get a kind of mucus, resembling a raw egg.The third method is five tablespoons of almond oil. The fourth method is liquid from canned chickpeas. These are the volumes that correspond to one egg and perform the same functions, namely the combination of the remaining ingredients and the homogeneity of the test.
    5. Make lean dishes pleasant to taste and beautiful. For example, to make boiled rice or buckwheat tastier and brighter will help vegetables: celery, carrots, red bell peppers. You can add the ingredients when cooking and eat with the croup or cook the vegetable broth, and already with it, cook rice, greens, kinoa and so on. Also, add onion or garlic, pepper and peas for flavor. In general, do not make the dishes lean and boring, and then veganism will not be burdensome and will become more interesting.
    6. Refuse from artificial products. The ideal option - farm products. If they are in your city, buy at certain points in order to have confidence in the naturalness, origin and quality. And it is even better to grow vegetables, berries and fruits on your own, having arranged a garden or a vegetable garden in the suburban or local area. It is useful, exciting and well disciplined.
    7. Use homemade spices and seasonings. It is not necessary to buy them at the store or refuse them altogether. It's great if you always have fresh greens on your table, which is much tastier, more fragrant, more nutritious and valuable than dried and crushed industrially. And it's simple, because you can grow coriander, parsley, basil, rosemary, dill and much more in your pots instead of indoor plants. A big plus: the room will always have a pleasant aroma.

    Veganism can be healthy and interesting if you know and follow a few simple rules.

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