• 7 creative and practical decor ideas from simple old cups

    Did your favorite cup break off a corner? Or, maybe, you were presented with a new set of dishes, and it is a pity to throw out the old one? How many unnecessary things are stored in old boxes, basements, on balconies and just in the upper cabinets! But are these things really unnecessary? Let's sort out with you the "rubble" of old things, find there a couple of cups and make a truly fabulous decor that will surprise the guests!

    Lights from cups

    Old cups can serve as an original shade for fixtures. It may take a little skill to make a hole in ceramics, however, with the proper desire, this will be very easy. You can make a table lamp from an old service.

    Or create an unusual suspension. It looks amazing!

    Candles from the old cup

    What could be more romantic than candlelight dinner? Fill the old cups with melted wax or paraffin, put a wick or ordinary cotton thread in the center and you will have an original candle in your hands!

    Hairpin for curtains

    This decor option will surprise you for sure! In the old cup it is necessary to make a hole, then put it on the curtain. It is possible to hook a hairpin from a cup for a small hook.

    Unusual hanging decor

    You can create your own original jewelry with the help of fantasy and several additional attributes. For example, a simple cup, tied and hung on ordinary string, will decorate the interior. Add a couple of fresh elements, such as an artificial bud, decorative fruits or vegetables, to complement the image.

    Similarly, you can hang several cups at different heights.

    Watch from old cups

    Time to drink tea! A simple clock mechanism in combination with a service glued around the perimeter will be a stunning decoration of any interior.

    Cup storage system

    In such cups you can store small things. It is very convenient to install it in the kitchen, in the hallway or near the workplace in the living room.

    Flowerbed cups

    They can decorate the garden or greenhouse. See how gently this decor looks!

    The cup can also serve as a container for more compact plants, herbs, and flowers. Do not forget about the holes on the bottom to remove excess moisture.

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