• 55-year-old Alexander Mokhov first showed his two-year-old son

    The actor invited “Antenna” to his country house, met his family and told a love story to a young wife.

    - Probably, I needed to go through two previous marriages in order to feel what a truly happy life is. Now I have everything: children, wife, home, friends, work. What else does a person want? Although at first no one, not even relatives, believed that our relationship was serious.

    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    “Be careful with your hands”

    - In the TV series “The Last Janissary”, which was filmed five years ago in Kiev, I was a producer, director, actor, and Irina helped the casting director to conduct tests. When an adult man pays attention to a young and beautiful girl, also a subordinate, a stereotype arises in those around him. I, on the contrary, did not want to use my official position, and Ira liked just my independence and ability to keep with dignity.Somehow I amicably embraced her, so she immediately put me in my place, said: "Alexander Anatolyevich, you are more careful with your hands." I felt sympathy for her, but there was no love at first sight. Therefore, when then Ira confessed that when she first saw me on the landing, she immediately said to herself: “It's not that, I disappeared!”, I was shocked.

    Irina invited to her performances in the theater. And somehow my friend and I stopped to visit her, where her friends gathered. We chatted for a long time, and I had an amazing feeling that I have known Ira all my life. She, having two apartments in Kiev, moved to live in my temporary accommodation. From there it was more convenient for me to get to the shooting. When I left in the morning, at five, six in the morning, she would wake up, make breakfast for me and still give food with me. When the trip ended, I asked her: "Will you go with me to Moscow?" And she replied: "Yes." In Kiev, Ira was an economically independent, promising actress, played in the theater, starred in films, engaged in dubbing and dropped everything.

    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    I was surprised by the wisdom of her parents, they did not dissuade her daughter, decided that if she burned, it would be her experiencewill return and will build life further. Father reasonably told us: "Time will tell." A little later in Moscow, we decided to formalize the relationship. Went to my friend, head of the registry office, and quietly signed. And they began to live, build a house, think about the child. Before going to become a father, I was going to get tested, maybe somehow clean up, prepare for a responsible business. But once Ira asked: "Go to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test." So two years ago we had a son Matvey.

    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    “Matyukha is the sun”

    Matyukha is the sun, happiness, the meaning of life. The older he is, the more interesting. I want to do together patsanskih affairs: to circle it, gossip, kick the ball. He is such a peasant. Of course, when you become a father at 26 years old and 53 years old, there is a difference, experience and understanding come that something didn’t have time, could not, didn’t give enough and now you are trying to fill these gaps with the youngest. Often we justify inattention to children by work. But now I'm sure: whenever you want, there will always be a few minutes, just walk up, hug, read the page of the book. And immediately you will have another dialogue.Somehow Tabakov (and we were together for 27 years, first I studied with him at GITIS, then I played at the Moscow Art Theater): “Do you have four children, do you have any pets?” And he answered: “You love all children, but always the youngest is more, he gets the maximum care. ”

    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    - All my sons are in wonderful relationships with each other. And what should they share? On the contrary, dad unites them. 11-year-old Makar (from the second marriage with actress Daria Kalmykova. - Approx. "Antenna") plays with Matyukha, squeals as much from pleasure. Semyon (the son of his first marriage. - Note. "Antenna") went 32nd year, he himself will soon become a dad, married four years. I think he found himself, became a cameraman.

    I never imposed my opinion on him. I know strict parents who generally lost communication with children. My parents were workers, we lived in the Far East, and suddenly I declared: “I will go to the artists”. This is the same as now to say: "I want to go to the moon." And my parents let me go, and I am happy that my life has turned out this way. The main thing is to listen to your children and try to understand them, then they will understand you.

    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    "A little crazy people"

    - I am not at all confused by our age difference with Ira - 28 years. Remember Tabakov again. I saw his life in the first family and the last 20-plus years with Marina Zudina, my classmate. It was a completely different life. And Marina is 29 years younger. God gave me five happy years with Irina, but it seems to me that we are already all 30 together.

    They say: different poles are attracted, but, on the contrary, we have two minuses in plus. We are both strong, independent characters, complex, creative, emotional, spontaneous, and even a little crazy people. For example, I wanted to buy something. No, to think things over, postpone the decision for a day or two, but we need everything immediately. We buy, and the next day we both think: why. On the way home, we recently bought a dog. We drove and saw a woman selling puppies. Ira said: “Oh, what beautiful dogs!” We stopped and as a result brought alabaya into the house. With documents, pedigree. But this is a breed of huge dogs!

    Invited dog handlers. Once, Ira played with Matvey on the floor, a three-month puppy also wanted to tinker with them, easily threw his wife on the carpet. Ira realized that her head calmly climbs into the open mouth, it impressed her.The wonderful nurse who lives with us is generally afraid of dogs. We often leave, and with whom to leave such a dog, it is not clear. Two weeks later, we gave the Alabai to a friend who already has a Tibetan mastiff and husky. Now we go to visit him. We really want a dog, but now if we take it, it’s small, so that during our trips we can attach it to friends.

    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    You can get lost in the house

    - Outside the city, we live a little more than two years. We decided that the son from the maternity hospital should come to his home. Probably, in all my previous life, so many friends have never come to visit me. In a city apartment, if a lot of people gather, you quickly get tired. And here you can get lost. In each room there is an opportunity to arrange guests, even on the terrace to sleep. Just the day before yesterday, we drove over the wife of my friend Vladimir Steklov, Irina, with their child, brought to her, and yesterday, Volodya came back from the tour, said: “Let’s be a show?” drank, talked. The girls danced. Cool!

    I love when the holiday is arranged not because of some date, but by mood.So a few days before my jubilee in June, we suddenly packed up and left for Irishka's parents. They saw the grandson, we sat in close circles. I can gather 200 people, but why? Listen to the praises?

    Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

    “I don’t know what to do without my wife”

    - Despite my complex, quick-tempered character, at rest I tell myself where it’s right, where it’s wrong. I can talk to myself. Also with gifts. We can give each other nothing for a birthday, but make a present on a typical day. Before my birthday, I decided that Ira and I and my son were going to have a rest, and we were at sea in Israel and Turkey for almost two weeks. This is such a gift to our whole family. The other day, Ira said: “I understood what I wanted. Bike! ”Buy. Before that, she had an idea that a treadmill is needed. Put in the billiard room. I opened the window and run like in the forest. And no reason, like a birthday, for the purchase is not necessary.

    And I woke up at half past seven on my birthday, went into the room, and she was all packed with different balloons. Such attention, invention, hooliganism I like more than material gifts.

    In the last years of Alexander Porokhovshchikov’s life, we and I played billiards in the House of Cinema.He had some incredible real estate in the center of Moscow, inherited unreal estates, and he disappeared for days in a small billiard club, talking with friends. This is a disaster! Why do we need locks, if you do not want to go there. Once, Ira and her child went to see her mother, and I had to stay in Moscow for four days, because they were shooting. I didn’t know what to do, I watched TV, read, didn’t want to call friends or go to companies. The atmosphere that Irisha fills from the house has disappeared. There is a pathetic expression: home is where your heart is. My heart is always with my wife.

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