• 5 unusual bookmarks for books with their own hands


    5 unusual bookmarks for books with their own hands

    We are used to the fact that a bookmark is always a long strip of paper lying between the pages. But the bookmark, in fact, can be anything.


    In the world there is even a museum of the most unusual bookmarks found in old books - in the ranking of oddities, the skins of bacon, which at the time of the discovery was not less than sixty years old, and a will for a large sum, are in the lead. But, of course, these are extremes - all these people clearly did not have a real bookmark at hand, so they had to mark the page with anything.


    And to make an unusual and beautiful bookmark for a book is not at all difficult, even if you are not a master of needlework.


    1. Bookmarks-corners




    Cut out an elongated rectangle of thick paper of any color, and then fold it so that a triangle is formed. Both angles bend in one direction. The triangle left "in front", paint the way you want - you can write on it something, paste stickers or paint.Now put the resulting corner on the top corner of the page - so that the colored triangle is in front, and the two bent ones remain on the reverse side. The corner of the page is obtained as if in a pocket.


    More difficult:


    This corner is made of square. Draw a large square on a piece of paper from which you want to cut the bookmark. Divide it into four small equal squares and erase the one at the top right. Now divide diagonally the lower square on the right and upper on the left, and erase their outer halves. You should have one small square and two even triangles on the sides, and the whole figure should resemble an arrow.


    Cut it, and then bend the two triangles so that they lie on each other, covering half the remaining square. Glue them together (but not square)! That's all - put a bookmark on the page in the same way as the previous one. It can be painted and decorated as you like, for example, by cutting off the upper part in the form of a heart or even a toothy monster.


    2. Bookmarks on clips


    5 unusual bookmarks for books with their own hands


    Small and very reliable bookmarks. Take a clip - a larger size - of any color, and attach it to the lower, narrowest part of it,any object - especially well-look colored, covered with a cloth with print buttons with "legs" (as for scrapbooking), narrow ribbons tied for two or three at a time, bows and small fluffy pompoms from mittens.


    3. Tape with suspension


    5 unusual bookmarks for books with their own hands


    You will need a fabric tape of the chosen width - or two, to tighten the tab, and you can choose different colors, textures or patterns, - adhesive tape for fabric, thin-nose pliers, two fittings - flat crimp clamps with one suspension socket, two connecting rings and two, in fact, suspension. Do not forget that one of them will lie between the pages, so choose two flat pendants or one flat and one volumetric.


    Cut as many tapes of both kinds as you need (start from the length of the format of the books you usually read), glue them together and attach the clamps to both ends. Using thin-nose pliers, attach connecting rings to the sockets, and hang pendants on them. Bookmark ready! One end of it, with a bulk suspension, will hang on the spine, and the second will remain inside.


    4. Thematic Bookmarks


    5 unusual bookmarks for books with their own hands


    Prefer books of different genres - adventure, melodrama, classics and horrors? Make yourself suitable bookmarks for all occasions.Divide the cardboard tab with a pencil into two parts, draw a suitable image on it - a ghost, a whale's tail, a fan or any other - and cut out all the cardboard around it, leaving the image with a silhouette.


    5. Felt bookmarks


    5 unusual bookmarks for books with their own hands


    Cut out two rectangles of felt and sew them along the edges, stitching together - do not be afraid to take contrasting threads. From above you can sew a heart or a little face of an animal made of simple shapes on felt, and you can leave it like that. Such a soft bookmark will not damage the pages, and its tip, protruding from the edge of the edge, will not be confused even in the most capacious bag.

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