• 4 reasons why it is so difficult to lose weight

    Failures on the path to harmony are not always caused by the fact that losing weight is lazy or undisciplined. Experts of the American Board of Obesity (The American Board of Obesity Medicine) say: the formula "less eat, move more" may not work for reasons beyond our control, including physiology, the environment, and emotions. Let us get acquainted with the conclusions of the researchers?

    Our genes influence the size of our jeans.Yes, by inheritance from parents and grandparents, we get not only the color of skin, eyes and hair, but also the constitution of the body. The lucky winners in the genetic lottery get a "skinny" gene, others are born with a genetic predisposition to excess weight or obesity (there is a gene that increases the risk of obesity by 20-30%). However, heredity is not a sentence: eating habits and a person’s lifestyle determine how strongly these genes can manifest themselves.

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    Environment predisposes to weight gain.Scientists say: just look around, and you will see how many factors are provoking obesity next to us.To send an email or make purchases, you do not need to get up from the couch - just a couple of clicks on a smartphone or laptop. Cafes, restaurants and supermarkets call us to quickly and easily satisfy hunger (sugar, fat, salt, preservatives instead of really alive, fresh, high-grade food), excite appetite, tempt with delicious but harmful snacks. As a result, we consume more calories every day than burn, and then we wonder why the numbers on the floor scales grow when weighing.

    Our body does not want to lose weight.Maintaining a deficit of calories needed to reduce weight, is the reason for the battle of losing weight and his body. Biological mechanisms work against us, because they perceive the diet as starvation, as a threat to life and begin to form an almost incombustible "strategic stock" on the hips and waist.

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    Jamming of emotions is the most common eating disorder.People eat not only when they are hungry, but when they are ill or, conversely, well, get a bad habit of chewing anything when watching a movie, a telecast or reading.The roots of the relationship to food as a reward, a holiday lie in childhood.

    What to do to lose weight easier? There is nothing new to advise: a healthy diet, a full-fledged sleep (from 7 to 9 hours), physical exercises and elimination of psychological factors provoking weight gain are the main secrets of a beautiful body.

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