• 36 of the most beautiful bonsai trees

    The magnificent bonsai collection of Master Miyagi cannot but evoke admiration. Miniature trees not only decorate the dwelling, ideally fitting into virtually any interior, but also contribute to the purification of air in the room. Creating a bonsai is a great hobby, relieving stress and developing such useful qualities as patience and diligence. How can you not love them?

    The tradition of bonsai goes back several millennia. For the first time the technique originated in China, and then was borrowed by the Japanese. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the tradition of ornamental gardening fell under the influence of Zen Buddhism, which greatly enriched bonsai. Masters achieve a small size of plants by applying special techniques for limiting growth, for example, clamping buds, pruning and deformation of branches, and limiting the feeding of shoots. The process of creating bonsai is delicate and requires serious effort.

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