• 24 stylish new photos of color French manicure 2017

    Trendy manicure gives an aesthetic look to the hands of girls and women and makes them confident. One of the favorite types of nail design is the French manicure.

    What french is considered fashionable in 2017? Fan-french, as is clear from its name, is to use in manicure various colors and their combinations. See below for the best photos of the color 2017 service jacket. At the same time, it is possible to paint with bright shades both the edge of the nail and the nail plate.

    The days when the service jacket was associated exclusively with a white stripe on the edge of short nails or extensions are long gone, although it is not worth denying that this very pattern is still the most popular wedding design.

    However, in everyday life fashionistas are increasingly paying attention to the red, black, multi-colored options.

    The color jacket will remain popular and relevant this season, and in this case, the colors should be, not only the edges of the nail itself, but also the varnish of the base.In this case, combinations can be performed in a variety of ways, from bright patterns, for example, a dark edge and a scarlet or gold base, to pastel tones — a burgundy base and an emerald or lemon tip.

    Also, you should not discount the classic style - always and at all times, it will remain relevant, and variations of a jacket made in classical style with dark red or black edges are popular and in demand by respectable fashionista.

    Among the main types of fashion jacket in 2017 are the following:

    Classic french, which means coating the tips of nails with white lacquer. The basis of the nail plate varnish, which has a color close to natural (beige, transparent, light pink). The technology of applying the classic jacket requires a high concentration of attention. This kind of manicure continues to remain popular.

    French with golden sparkles. Gold décor stylish and unobtrusive makes the manicure bright.
    Color jacket. The tips of the nails are covered with colored varnish. Fashionable shades of 2017 are red, yellow, emerald, golden, brown.Another option would be to make up your nails with one color, and make strips for a french for another. In addition, you can paint not only the tip of the nail, but also its base.
    The most fashionable french 2017 is consideredblack jacketwhich is a very unusual decision. Using black lacquer instead of white to apply a french coat will break all familiar stereotypes.
    Fan-french. This type of manicure involves the use of additional components: crystals, beads, foil and other decorations.
    Non-standard jacketwhich is intentionally not performed according to the usual technology. Classic french uniform"smile"changes to the shape of a triangle, zigzag or some other.
    French with pattern. The idea is that the drawing, which is applied to the nail plate, connects the main color, in which the main part is painted, and the color, which is made to the edge of the nail.
    French dots- involves the application of point patterns.
    French with lace. The lace pattern on the nails is made with the help of a specially made lace.

    The absolute trend of the season 2017 is short nails. Therefore, the fashion manicure is adjusted to a shorter basis.Touched new trends and french. First of all, the smile has changed. She became very narrow and acquired a different form. Now it is not necessary to display the perfect semicircle, it will successfully replace straight lines, as well as the shape of a heart, a triangle, a square, a wave. Even if you use the classic white color, the manicure will turn out to be interesting and

    In the new season in fashion vague and neat jewelry. At the same time, their choice is extraordinarily diverse, because new interesting ideas were added to the old ones. One of them is the use of scotch tapes. It can be purchased in specialized stores. Choose any and create beauty. Stamping in 2017 is becoming very popular.

    The fact is that in the new season, the pictures on the nails should be extremely neat and elegant. To achieve this without having excellent artistic skills is very difficult. Stemping also allows you to apply even the most complex patterns that used to be adorned only in the photo of the works of famous artists.

    The technology is a method of applying drawings by means of a rubber stamp. Simply purchase fashionable options and enjoy using them.

    If you are a bride or just not a fan of experiments, do not change yourself to keep up with fashion. Classical manicure no one deleted from the list of fashion. In general, the fashion for wedding French manicure, it seems, will live forever, because this is the only case that fits any clothing.

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