• 20 of the most ridiculous reasons for divorce from the Arabs.

    The other day the Internet community was agitated by the news that a resident of the UAE divorced his wife after seeing it unpainted.

    A couple rested on the beach in Sharjah. The husband was amazed when he saw his wife after bathing. The water washed the makeup off the face of the woman and for the first time she appeared before her husband without makeup. The natural beauty of his wife did not impress the man, and when he found out that the woman also performed several plastic surgeries, and also wears colored lenses and false eyelashes, he immediately demanded a divorce.

    However, divorces for such ridiculous reasons occur in Arab countries all the time. In order to divorce his wife, a husband needs to say the word “Talak” (divorce) three times, and the woman must immediately leave the house. True, at the same time she will receive monetary compensation, which was stipulated in the marriage contract.

    It often happens that the husband shouts the fateful words in a fit of anger, and then runs around the courts asking him to cancel the divorce on the grounds that he was in the heat of passion.

    What else could cause a divorce in Arabic?

    Morning after wedding night

    The case mentioned above is not the only one of its kind. A year ago, Algeria filed for divorce the day after the wedding. He was shocked when, in the morning, after the wedding night, his wife washed off her makeup. He could not even recognize her.

    “I thought that a thief had climbed into my apartment. Before marriage, she looked very beautiful and attractive. ”

    In court, a frustrated man demanded that his wife not only divorce, but also compensation for moral damage of $ 20,000.

    Wedding photosession

    In the city of Medina (Saudi Arabia), the husband announced that he is filing for divorce, immediately after the marriage. As is often the case in Arab countries, the wedding was arranged by the parents of the young and, of course, no one bothered to introduce the bride to the bridegroom. During the wedding feast, the photographer asked the newlywed to remove the veil from the girl’s face. When the new husband did this and first saw the face of his young wife, he immediately declared:

    “You're not the girl I want to marry. I imagined you quite different. I'm sorry, but I want a divorce. "


    Another man from Saudi Arabia decided to divorce on the first wedding night.As soon as the newlyweds retired to the bridal suite, the woman pulled out a smartphone and plunged into talking with her friends, completely forgetting about her husband and not paying attention to his flirting. Then the newlyweds directly asked who was more important to her: he or friends. Irritated woman replied that she was friends. Such a proud Arab did not tolerate. He left the hotel and filed for divorce the next day. The judge tried to dissuade him, but where there! The claim was satisfied.

    Desire to help

    If in the previous case, the husband filed for divorce because of the indifference of his wife, then in this story the young spouse, on the contrary, showed excessive concern for the blessed. It happened during the first wedding night. The inexperienced newlywed could not cope with the excitement and could not fulfill his conjugal duty. His wife decided to cheer him up and began to explain what he should do. Probably, she drew this information from the Internet. But instead of thanking her, the man furious: he decided that the woman behaves too lewdly, and drove her out of the house, and the next day he applied for a divorce.

    TV host

    A resident of Saudi Arabia divorced his wife due to the fact that she was alone watching a television program, which was led by a man.The jealous husband regarded this as a betrayal, because the Sharia forbids women to be left alone with unfamiliar men.

    Glass of water

    In Kuwait, a husband demanded a divorce after his wife refused to bring him a glass of water. A proud woman declared that it was not her duty: there was a maid in the house.


    Another Arab filed for divorce after his wife, despite her husband’s ban, finished a bottle of Pepsi. The man was angry that the faithful did not obey him.

    General nurse

    Arab spouses, having seven children and married 25 years, divorced after they learned that they had one nurse. According to Arab law, these husbands and wives are dairy relatives, marriages between them are strictly prohibited.

    Curiosity of the spouse

    And this is a wild story. A woman from Saudi Arabia demanded a divorce from her husband. The reason was that after 30 years of marriage, he finally ... saw her face. This woman held very strict views and never showed her husband a face. A curious man could not stand it and once, when she was asleep, he pulled off the bedspread.

    Unfortunately, my wife woke up and immediately declared that she was divorcing her insidious husband.It happened not so long ago: in 2008

    Unclosed car door

    The Arab family was returning home. The wife got out of the car and took the child home without closing the car door. My husband demanded to return and close the door. She objected that he could do it himself, as he was near the car. Then the husband got angry and said that in this case she had nothing to do in his house. The woman had to leave.


    Another couple divorced after the husband found a cigarette in his wife's purse. The woman tried to justify herself, saying that she had no idea where the cigarette came from. But the man was adamant: followed a divorce.

    Offensive nickname

    In Saudi Arabia, a woman demanded a divorce after calling the spouse. She called him on his mobile and found that her husband had left the phone on the table, and the inscription "Guantanamo" was displayed on the screen. Under this nickname, a man brought his spouse to the list of contacts. Recall that Guantanamo is a prison in Cuba, where torture took place. The woman was so insulted that she demanded a divorce. Well, or at least moral compensation.

    Kim Kardashian

    One woman from Saudi Arabia noticed that her husband likes Kim Kardashian.

    "I noticed how he admires her, so I decided to become like her ..."

    To resemble a TV star, a woman changed her hairstyle, underwent plastic surgery, and even tried to walk in the same way as Kardashian. But this brilliant plan did not work. My husband did not like the new look of his wife and he insisted on a divorce.

    Bad joke

    Another woman from Saudi Arabia jokingly told her husband that she loved her father’s camel more than he did. Offended husband took his wife to the camel's father-in-law's farm, led him to the camel and gave a divorce.

    Reality show hero

    And here is another shocking story of a divorce. An Arab man returned home and found his wife weeping. He thought that some grief had happened, rushed to his wife, began to calm her down and ask about what had happened. It turned out that the woman was watching on TV the next series of the famous reality show, and her favorite participant left the project. Learning about the cause of tears, the husband became furious: "The participant left the show, and you leave the house!"

    Ignoring Whatsapp messages

    The husband sent his wife a message in Whatsapp, made sure that she read it, but received no response. The troubled spouse decided that something bad had happened to his wife, and hurried home. At home, he saw his wife quietly watching TV and talking to friends.She said that she could not respond to his message because she corresponded with her friend. The husband was offended and decided to divorce. It is sad to think that a two-year marriage could be saved by just one smiley!

    Car driving

    Women in Saudi Arabia are forbidden to drive a car. One lady, ignoring the law, sent her husband a video, on which she manages their car. The law-abiding husband was in shock. It turns out that he is married to a criminal! Immediately divorce!

    The Kiss of a Horse

    Another Arab divorced after he saw a photo on which his wife kissed an Arabian steed! He considered it a betrayal! The woman said that she did not regret her deed and was not upset by the divorce from a man who does not distinguish between an animal and a man.

    Kissing camel

    A similar incident occurred when a young woman kissed a camel in the presence of her husband's mother. The mother-in-law was shocked and demanded that her son divorce immediately. The man obeyed his mother.

    Exclusion from the group in the social. network

    A proud Arab man drove his wife out of the house to get revenge on her brother.The men were in the same community in Whatsapp, but after some quarrel, the woman’s brother excluded her husband from the group.

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