• 18 ways to create curtains for gazebos and verandas

    Romantics have always been good in the country. And now, when there are so many opportunities to create atmospheric spaces and even more so. Cozy verandas, romantic summer cottages, unusual lighting, comfortable garden paths, ergonomic shed for storage of garden tools - all this makes life more beautiful, more convenient and "tastier".

    And we believe that it is imperative to invest in the improvement of the garden and not to forget to enjoy it with a cup of delicious tea. Another detail that will please you in the garden and save you from the midday heat is unusual curtains for arbors and verandas that even from scratch will create the illusion of a gazebo.

    Curtains for the terrace and veranda fabric

    They are suitable only in very good and sunny weather, and then only for a short time. Usually fabric curtains for the open air are used as decoration for festive events and significant events that are held in the garden.

    Particularly solemn look translucent curtains and tulle.

    In the usual country life, use curtains for gazebos curtains for the terrace and the veranda of less branded fabrics - linen or acrylic fabric.

    Curtains for the veranda of bamboo

    To decorate the veranda with bamboo curtains is an unusual option. However, bamboo curtains like many gardeners. They are very similar to Roman blinds. Light, natural, practical - look amazing in any country interior.

    Also on the veranda, you can use vertical and horizontal blinds made of bamboo.

    PVC curtains for pavilions and porches

    Making a street gazebo or an open-air veranda with PVC curtains is a more practical solution. PVC has weatherproof properties and can withstand a wide variety of atmospheric loads.

    The strongest wind and rain they are not afraid. In addition, you can use them in the garden round, and not just in summer.

    A big plus - the curtains for the outdoor PVC veranda keep the heat inside. Therefore, you can safely build a gazebo with a fireplace or barbecue, decorate it with PVC curtains and use this building even in the cold season.

    Usually use transparent PVC curtains for arbors and porches.This material creates the illusion of lightness and large space, allows you to implement very interesting design ideas for the design of gazebos.

    You can also find color transparent PVC curtains for gazebos and verandas.

    It is possible to fix transparent curtains for arbors and verandahs with the help of:

    • straps,
    • staples,
    • rotary brackets (used for large-sized installations),
    • rollers with aluminum guides.

    When installing transparent curtains using rollers with aluminum guides, you can create the effect of "sliding apart" curtains. Together with PVC curtains can be installed and mosquito nets.

    Minus PVC curtains for gazebos and verandas is that if you keep them closed for a long time, you will feel a lack of air inside the gazebos or verandas. Therefore, periodically, especially in hot weather, it is necessary to ventilate the gazebo, opening the curtains.

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