• 14 of the strangest beauty treatments from around the world

    Every woman wants to look attractive, but the question is, what are you ready to go for your own beauty? We offer you a selection of14 of the most strange beauty treatments from around the world. Most of these procedures are not only expensive, but also quite dangerous to health.

    1.Operation to expand the eyes in South Korea

    The eye enlargement procedure is popular in South Korea, where wider, round eyes are considered incredibly beautiful.

    2. Lengthening the legs in China

    This procedure is dangerous and extremely painful, but thousands of Chinese women still take the risk to have long legs.

    3. Extraular Eye Implants

    This strange trend of jewelry on the eyes appeared in the Netherlands. How do you like this idea?

    4. Skin whitening in India, Asia, Africa and the Middle East

    In these countries, light skin is associated with youth and beauty, so local residents buy special creams and lotions for skin whitening.

    5. Paired operations

    A bizarre procedure, in which beloved ones become superficially similar, is currently an upward trend in the United Arab Emirates.

    6. Compulsory feeding in West Africa

    In West Africa, it is believed that the fuller a woman is, the more beautiful she is, therefore young girls are forcibly fed. And it's not about a couple of sandwiches, but 16 thousand calories a day!

    7. A plate in Africa and the Amazon

    Female tribes insert a special plate into their lips before they get married.

    8. Yaeba - Japanese procedure for curving teeth

    Crooked teeth in Japan are considered a sign of youth. Young girls purposefully go to dental procedures for curving teeth.

    9. Pointed teeth of Indonesian women

    It is believed that in some Indonesian tribes, turned teeth provide a balance between body and soul.

    10. Bandage on the nose in Iran

    In Iran, you may notice that women wear bandages on the nose to emphasize the fact that they have made an expensive plastic surgery. It serves as a symbol of wealth and status.

    11. Fans of fantasy like pointed ears

    Surgical procedure is expensive for Lord of the Rings fans and is very painful.

    12. Rings on the neck in Asia and Africa

    The elongated neck is a sign of wealth and beauty, although how to walk in such beauty is completely incomprehensible.

    13. Bagel on the head

    Japan is really a country of crazy people. A new trend - a bagel on the head, the creation of which takes only a few hours. The effect is created by injecting saline into the forehead and pressing in the center.

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