• 11 Cannes Film Festival films worth the wait

    We have carefully studied all the programs and selected ten films, the release of which we will wait the most.


    Director: Kirill Serebrennikov


    A black and white nostalgic film about young Viktor Tsoi, young Mike Naumenko and Leningrad rock of the early 80s. Serebrennikov promised that it would be an easy and bright love comedy, but who knows what he meant. The role of Tsoi was performed by the Korean actor Theo Yu, and Naumenko was played by Roma Bilyk from the group "Beasts".

    "Everybody knows"

    Director: Asgar Farhadi

    Director Asgar Farhadi, who received the Oscars for Nader's Divorce and Simin and the Salesman, knows how to see drama in the lives of ordinary people. The picture, opening Cannes, takes place in Argentina and Spain. Laura arrives in her native village for a family celebration, but the events unfold in a horrendous manner, and the holiday turns into a tragedy. Starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

    "Pleasure, love and running"

    Director: Christoph Honore

    "Pleasure, love and running"

    Christophe Honore, who shot the magic musical “All Songs About Love Only”, in which passions, grief and love are mixed, where everything is beautiful and with French charm suffer, fall in love and smoke, continues in the same spirit. “Pleasure, love and running” is a sensual, romantic and musical film about the love of Parisians Jacques and Arthur.

    "The house that Jack built"

    Director: Lars von Trier

    The status of persona non grata was removed from Lars von Trier in Cannes after his scandalous performance of the times of “Melancholy”. Of course, Trier did not become white and fluffy, it just took a long time for the grim Dane's new film to reappear at the most high-profile European film festival, though not in a competition.

    “The House That Jack Built” tells the story of a serial killer Jack, played by Matt Dillon. This film Trier has already called the most brutal in his work.

    "Image and Speech"

    Director: Jean-Luc Godard

    "Image and Speech"

    The new film experiment of the 87-year-old classic of the French “new wave”, from which one should not expect an exciting plot. Godard can afford to make a movie that fascinates him.His “Photobook” is more like visual poetry. To prepare and tune in to the desired wave, you can revisit Godard’s previous film “Goodbye, Speech”.

    "Angel's mouth"

    Director: Vanessa Filho

    The debut film by Vanessa Filho, which is worth paying attention to fans of Marion Cotillard. A French star here does not spare herself, playing a woman who decided to leave her eight-year-old daughter for the sake of a new boyfriend whom she met at a nightclub.


    Director: Matteo Garrone

    The tragic and cruel story, based on real events of thirty years ago. The dog care specialist, after being humiliated by a familiar brutal boxer, lures him into his dog shop and brutally kills him. What edge do you need to reach to find the beast in yourself?

    "Happy Lazar"

    Director: Alice Rorvaker

    "Happy Lazar"

    Alice Rorvaker in 2014 already conquered Cannes with her film “Miracles”. Her "Happy Lazarus" tells about a strange, almost holy man who travels in time and helps his friend, a young nobleman.

    "Under Silver Lake"

    Director: David Robert Mitchell

    The loser and slacker Sam (Andrew Garfield) spends the night with an attractive girl (Riley Kio), who disappears the next morning from the city. Sam goes looking for her, reading the signs that come his way. Garfield has never been so funny, and neonuar - so sunny.

    "Three Faces"

    Director: Jafar Panahi

    "Three Faces"

    In the center of the picture are three actresses of different ages. The glory peak of one has already passed, the second career is on the rise, and the third is a very beginning, young girl who is only dreaming about her best roles. These women will be linked to each other. One of the characters is played by Panahi himself.

    "The man who killed Don Quixote"

    Director: Terry Gilliam

    Closes the Cannes Film Festival film Terry Gilliam. The director of the "Fisherman King" is able to make films about how to strive for lofty goals - nobly, and fantasies that live only in the head of a single romance can influence other people. Don Quixote plays one of Gilliam’s favorite actors, Jonathan Price, and Sancho, who is not really Sancho, but an ordinary advertiser, Adam Driver.

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