• 10 of the funniest comedies of 2015

    If you like to laugh, then you probably like comedy films. And in 2015 there were quite a lot of them, but not everyone can be called really funny. And which of them really deserve attention?

    Top 10 best comedies of 2015:

    1. "Intern". This film deserves attention not because of the unusual plot, but also because of the magnificent play of legendary master of reincarnations Robert De Niro, as well as the charismatic beauty Anne Hathaway. She is the head of the fashion website Jules Austin. He is a seventy-year-old widower Ben Whitaker, who recently retired.

    Jules is energetic, self-confident, successful and ambitious. Ben also believes that the retirement age is not a reason to “settle” at home, buy a rocking chair and turn into a boring old man. And that's why he decides to diversify his life and becomes a senior intern under the leadership of Jules. She participates in socially important events, one of which is the hiring of pensioners.

    The difference in age is palpable, and at first the girl was not serious about her new subordinate. But gradually she began to recognize him closer and realized that his life experience can be useful in solving some problems.

    2. "Spy". Susan Cooper has always dreamed of becoming an agent, and so she got a job at the CIA. But she did not manage to climb the career ladder, although sometimes fate presents unexpected surprises. Susan's colleague disappears, and the girl is assigned her first assignment. But Cooper has no experience, and no skills. And yet she will do everything to not lead the partners, find and neutralize the villains.

    3. "The third extra 2". Listing funny comedies, you can not ignore this film. The plush womanizer and the hooligan settled down, got married and decided to have children. But in doing so, he shook the public. After all, a bear is just a toy and, therefore, a property, but not a full-fledged person with his rights.

    But Ted does not like this state of affairs, and he decides to prove at all costs that he is a person. To help him come true friend Johnny and young and sexy girl lawyer Amanda.But can these three win society and an evil judge?

    4. "Ghost". Just yesterday, Yuri Gordeyev was a brilliant aircraft designer with amazing prospects and was wildly popular with the fair sex. His new aircraft, the YUG-2, was supposed to bring fame and millions, but everything went wrong. For some reason, nobody sees or hears Yura. And his large company with so easily closed a competitor. What's happening? Just Yuri fell into a catastrophe and became a ghost.

    Vanya is a simple boy who has no friends, but there is an overly caring mother. He hesitates to approach the girl in love with, and classmates constantly laugh at him. But Vanya is the only one who sees Gordeev and can communicate with him. And so it is his Yura decides to ask for help.

    5. "Simple". Seventeen Bianca Piper - a very extraordinary person. She is intelligent, witty and creative, she is not at all concerned with the opinion of society, she is used to going against the crowd and not trying to follow the latest fashion trends. But perhaps, like all girls, she dreams of meeting her love and gradually begins to think that this will never happen.

    The handsome and the most popular guy in school, Wesley Rush, who calls Bianca the backside, is pouring oil on the fire. But the worst thing is that such a nickname literally “stuck” to the girl, and she accidentally found out about it. Now Wesley was for her enemy number one. But, as you know, from love to hatred is only one step, and it can be so small that it will only be to admit the facts.

    And so it happened with Bianca, who fell in love with Rush. He also likes the girl, but if everyone finds out that they meet, then Wesley will also be considered a loser. And how to be in this situation? What will the school handsome choose?

    6. “Girl without complexes”. Amy is a girl without complexes who believes that going on a date with one guy twice is very boring. And that is why she never had a serious relationship, but this does not upset the frivolous beauty at all, she is completely satisfied with everything. Amy would continue to change men like gloves if she did not get one of the usual tasks once. She works in a large male edition, and the boss asked her to interview the doctor Aron.

    He treats famous athletes, so he can tell a lot of interesting things. Amy goes to a meeting with him, and realizes that he is a man of her dreams, who has completely changed her outlook on life and worldview. But the girl is not in a hurry to change. She's just afraid to fall in love, and, in general, does not imagine herself to be someone's girlfriend, and even more so a wife. But now Amy will finally have to put things in order in his head and make the most important decision.

    7. “Barman”. Vadim is a simple guy who dreams of fame, money and a really interesting life. But he is insecure and modest, so that until the goal is not achieved. But everything changes when Vadim accidentally enters an inconspicuous bar and drinks a cocktail prepared by a strange bartender with an even more amazing name.

    Now he is charismatic and charming as ever. And all this thanks to the secret components of the drunk cocktail. And now Vadik can become almost anyone and even prepare drinks on special recipes. But only side effects can be very unpleasant.

    8. “Agents A.N.K.L.". If you like really interesting comedies, be sure to check this one out. Napoleon Solo - special agent of the CIA.He has hundreds of successful operations, and practically no one can compare with him. No one but an ambitious and very promising newcomer Ilya Kuryakin. Agents begin to compete, and soon this rivalry develops into a real war. No one intends to surrender.

    But fate decides to laugh at Ilya and Napoleon, so they become partners. Only they can find and neutralize a nuclear bomb created by an international criminal organization. But for this you have to act together. And it is not so easy when every even the most ordinary task turns into a real competition.

    9. "Particularly dangerous". Prescott is a school for orphans, in which ordinary guys make real superspy. And one of them is Megan. This girl is only sixteen years old, but she already owns perfect karate, knows how to shoot and is able to put on a shoulder a strong adult man.

    But Megan herself is not thrilled with all this, because she had no childhood, no ordinary teenage life. And she dreams of girlfriends, dating, dancing and disco. And this chance soon falls Megan.She mimics her disappearance and decides to completely change herself and her lifestyle.

    The girl comes to the most ordinary school and prepares for the usual teenage joys. But everything is not as rosy as it might seem at first glance. Megan hasn’t found any friends yet, and the boy he likes just doesn't notice her. Will somehow help the skills of the agent? Quite possible!

    10. “One Left”. This film is worth seeing if only because it became the debut for Polina Gagarina. Dmitry Nagiyev also appeared in it. But deserves attention and a very unusual story. The protagonist Maxim is a staunch and avid bachelor and a rather talented and famous sculptor. But he literally burns his life and, of course, very fond of girls.

    Max receives another large order and starts work, but the sutra discovers that his own right hand is not listening to him. She seems to be living her own life, and sometimes she even thinks. Maxim no one believes, and some consider him insane. But what if someone really moved into the hand? What if the soul of a beautiful stranger lives in her who changes the life of a bachelor?

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