• 10 most popular nightclubs in Europe

    On the eve of the summer season, there is often a desire to try something new, expand your horizons, so to speak, in particular, if you are going to rest in Europe.

    For some, rest is beaches, walks in historical places and streets, round-the-clock shopping and excursions, and for someone the night time becomes the defining moment of the trip - the time of clubs, bars and steep parties.

    Night clubs are a favorite place for many young people to have fun. Some people like the special atmosphere that prevails in such places: loud, rhythmic music, light and music, funny and crazy young people. Someone visits such places for the purpose of new acquaintances, and someone, thus, rests from the stresses of everyday life.

    Some cannot live without them.

    Of course, everyone, even the smallest town, has its own nightlife, but it's always interesting to learn something new, and clubs are no exception, especially worthy institutions of international level.Today we will present to your attention the top 10 famous and best nightclubs in all of Europe.

    All of them are distinguished by unprecedented luxury: stylish and expensive design, the best DJs of the world, the most unusual places of deployment - from the basement to the roofs of skyscrapers, you can list for a very long time!

    If you decide to visit one of them, then be sure to prepare a tidy sum of money, because there is no cheap here - starting from the entrance, booking a table, ending with elite alcohol and a delicious menu. But even despite the high prices, clubs are very popular among young people, and therefore, it is sometimes extremely difficult to find at least one free table here.

    1. Privilege, Ibiza

    Is it necessary to say something about the saturation of nightlife in a place called Ibiza? At first glance, it may seem that most local clubs are more like some kind of hangars, no pathos and glamor, a strict dress code and unfriendly security, only drive and freedom!

    Privilege, Ibiza

    The absence of these things does not prevent them from being the most prestigious and popular discos in Europe, where only the most advanced music plays. Privilege Club is perhaps the best of them, for good reason, it is considered the largest nightclub in the whole world, because it can accommodate up to 10 thousand people!

    2. “Pacha”, Ibiza

    Among such a variety of luxury nightlife in Ibiza, it is difficult to choose the best, because most of them are really impressive. Pacha opened in the early 80s, and since then celebrities like Mick Jager and Ringo Star have danced on his dance floors, he enjoys the reputation of the most beautiful and chic club on the whole island, you just have to look at his photos!

    "Pacha", Ibiza

    Unique terraces from which you can admire the incredible dawn, the original marble dance floors, incendiary rhythms and delicious dishes in the restaurant - can not remain indifferent to their visitors.

    3. “Fabric”, London

    If you thought that the inhabitants of the proud Foggy Albion do not know how to have fun, then you were very wrong and Fabric is the best proof for that. Despite the fact that it was open for a long time (about 10 years ago), it still remains one of the most popular and best clubs in the British capital.

    Fabric, London

    This is where clubbers from all over the world gather to try out the famous vibrating dance floor of the club. Here, DJs play exclusively “star” status, and due to the fact that the club does not have face control, you can easily encounter a world celebrity in the crowd.

    4.The Castle Club, Cyprus

    At first it may seem that, having entered the building, you got into a real English castle, in fact, you cross the threshold of one of the best house clubs not only in Europe, but in the whole world.

    The Castle Club, Cyprus

    At your disposal two whole floors, made in the style of luxurious vintage interiors, which are complemented by unusual dance floors and filled bars.

    5. “Paradiso”, Italy

    If you suddenly find yourself in Italy, then be sure to go to the coast of Emilia Romagna, which is famous for the most vibrant and prestigious places of entertainment, including bars, restaurants and, of course, nightclubs.

    "Paradiso", Italy

    Paradiso is considered the most famous and popular among them, and it is located in the most prestigious area of ​​the city - the hills of Cavignano. The club often performs world-class stars, and also has an interesting system - the first drink is always at the expense of the establishment.

    6. “Le Rex”, Paris

    Paris is not only the romantic capital of fashion, but also a trendsetter and nightclubs are no exception. The main secret of the popularity of Le Rex is the high-quality and latest news of electronic music, which is always heard in the walls of this institution, and only celebrities are on stage.Parties here are one better than the other, in Paris it is a favorite place for lovers of high-quality electric music.

    "Le Rex", Paris

    7. “Berghain”, Berlin

    One of the most popular nightclubs in Europe, which stands out among the rest with its design. At first glance it may seem that the room looks too ominous, which is only the fact that the club is located inside the building of the old Berlin power plant.

    Berghain berlin

    Nevertheless, one has only to cross its threshold, as another one unfolds before you, not a bit frightening, a picture: high-quality music, fashionable and dressed up audience, which consists mainly of the “golden youth” of Berlin, as well as the luxury of the exterior, which , although not striking, it significantly increases the level of comfort.

    8. “Matter”, London

    And again the British capital! Matter is an ultramodern and popular among young people night club, which allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of the latest technologies of light and music.

    Matter, London

    The peculiarity of this institution is the immediate arrival to it: due to the fact that the Matter is located on the Greenwich Peninsula, it can only be reached by water transport.

    9.Karlovy Lazne, Prague

    Karlovy Lazne is not only the most popular venue in the city, but also the most capacious dance club in all of Central Europe. Five floors of one building open to visitors, each of which has its own hall with individual stylistics and certain musical directions, choose what you like best!

    Karlovy Lazne, Prague

    10. “La Fira”, Spain

    "La Fira", Spain

    An incredible night institution with a special energy that is created thanks to the unique antique furniture and decor, as well as curved mirrors that are scattered throughout the institution and never let you get bored. Only here you can taste the oldest drinks on the planet, as well as light up the rhythms of the most famous and popular DJs on the planet.

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